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Skin Fundi’s online presenc

RED Marketing proudly introduces Skin Fundi, led by skincare specialist Sonette Donker. Established by marketing expert Daniel Calbacho in 2003 in Johannesburg, RED Marketing specialises in tailored traditional and digital marketing solutions. Our commitment to enhancing Skin Fundi’s online presence spans marketing and branding strategies, website development, and photography services.

Our objective is to showcase Skin Fundi’s personalised approach to skincare in an engaging manner. Through branding initiatives, we highlight Sonette Donker’s dedication to transforming skin health. From beginner skincare guidance to advanced training, we communicate Skin Fundi’s diverse services, ensuring its unique value resonates with its audience. With a focus on clarity and authenticity, our branding efforts aim to establish Skin Fundi as a trusted authority in skincare.

We have designed a user-friendly website for Skin Fundi that mirrors its values and mission. Our layout ensures seamless navigation, enabling visitors to explore Skin Fundi’s offerings effortlessly. Consistent updates and contemporary features maintain the website’s relevance, providing a smooth online experience for users. Our website development services are tailored to meet Skin Fundi’s specific needs, ensuring the platform effectively communicates its brand message and engages its audience.

Our photography services capture the essence of Skin Fundi’s skincare journey. From vibrant visuals of skincare routines to serene imagery of consultations, our photos enhance Skin Fundi’s digital presence. Each image is thoughtfully selected to convey the authenticity of the Skin Fundi experience, fostering deeper connections with its audience. Through compelling visuals, we aim to evoke emotion and inspire trust in Skin Fundi’s skincare solutions.


Through our collaborative efforts, Skin Fundi is positioned to excel in the skincare industry. Our strategic approach establishes genuine connections with Skin Fundi’s audience, positioning it as a trusted skincare resource. With RED Marketing’s support, Skin Fundi is poised for success, empowering individuals to prioritise skin health confidently.

In summary, our comprehensive services ensure Skin Fundi’s skincare message is effectively communicated, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. With Skin Fundi, individuals can embark on their skincare journey with confidence, knowing they have a trusted partner by their side.

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