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Skin Cell Science

Understanding the skin on a cellular level will guide you as to how skincare ingredients affect the skin cells. Learn which cells are affected by which ingredients and just in general how fascinating the skin is. Every major skin cell and their functions are discussed in detail in this workshop. 

advancved courses

In the treatment room

Join Sonette in her treatment room where she shows you how she performs Chemical Peels and Micro-Needling treatments and how what she has learnt from her in-depth consultation impacts the treatments and home care products prescribed. Sonette has refined these techniques after years of working on many different skins. 

Chemical Peel Workshop

Basic Chemical Peels in the Aesthetic Centre

In this workshop I discuss the basic principles of stronger Chemical Peels performed in an aesthetic setting. We look at the different acids, pKa values and relevance of pH and percentages of acids. Indications and contraindications are discussed as well as showcasing a Hydroxy Acid chemical peel and a TCA chemical peel. Learn more about the actual treatments in my advanced workshops.

Consultation Workshop

Basic Consultation in the Aesthetic Centre

When going on a journey we always need a plan or map to get us to our final destination. The skin journey is no different. A thorough consultation can make all the difference in achieving great results and avoiding complications. I share my in-depth consultation process I have been using since I opened my skin studio years ago. All the documents I used daily is available for download which you can implement immediately with ease.