The skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Its main function is to protect you from the environment you live in, i.e. ultra violet rays, pollution, chemicals, temperature, etc. Emotions, stress, diet, medication, skin products and treatments will affect your skin health.

Skin Types

Your skin type is genetic, so there is very little you can do with products and treatments to change it, however you can make it healthier.

With that being said it is vital to remember that once you stop using the products, your skin will return to its normal state, i.e. oily skin using a clay mask will minimise the oil, however if you stop using the mask your skin will get the oily shine again in a day or two.

Skin types are categorised according to the natural oil production and pore size. A dry skin will have very small pores compared to an oily skin which has larger pores.

Typical skin types are: dry, oily, normal/ combination and acne.

Skin Conditions

Your skin can pretty much change on a daily basis based on your external and internal environment.

There are a variety of skin conditions and you may experience multiple of these at any given time no matter your skin type.

The best part is that we can positively change skin conditions or prevent them with products or treatments.

The typical skin conditions are: dehydration, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, congestion, sensitivity and photo-ageing.

Caring for your skin

With the right products you can change your skin. We get two types of skincare regimens, Advanced and Basic.


When you are younger and everything in your skin works at optimum levels you just need a basic skincare regimen. This will consist of a pH balanced cleanser, a light moisturiser and sun protection.

When you get older, processes in your skin slows down, i.e. your cell renewal rate slows down to between 30 to 90 days whereas in your teenage years it took about 12 to 20 days. For this reason we need to give our skins more help by following an advanced skincare regimen consisting of a pH balanced cleanser,  one or two serums, an exfoliant, a moisturiser, an eye cream, sun protection and mask (if desired) with monthly aesthetic treatments.

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